Long before any bandwagons, we were pioneering in our approach to school meals, producing beautifully cooked fresh food for the most important generation, our children.

Quietly confident in our founding principles of fresh and simple, the notion that home from home food would nourish the hearts and minds of schoolchildren was a no-brainer.

Principals is one of the UK’s longest established school caterers, providing sustenance to children for over 25 years and we really know our onions – sourced, like the rest of our ingredients from British farms! Seriously committed to all that’s happy and wholesome, we are proud to say we’ve fed and watered the current millennial generation and are creating future foodies every day.


  • Question about allergies?

    We are nut free at Principals but it is difficult to offer any fundamental guarantees of complete quarantine; school kitchens were not designed with allergies in mind. We’ll discuss your child’s allergy with you on a one-to-one basis and take appropriate measure in our kitchen. Please contact us here.

  • How do I know that my child will choose a balanced meal?

    All menus are nutritionally balanced. We only cook fresh food and have clever methods of enhancing the menus to ensure all children eat well. Our bolognese sauce is jam packed with vegetables and our pizza bases are made from wholemeal flour.

  • How are theme days chosen?

    We have a marketing calendar packed with themes, events, fun weeks and our Future Foodies initiative. We work on a school by school basis to deliver a tailored approach on how best to engage with pupils.

  • What if the children don’t like the main meals of the day?

    In addition to the two main meals available every day, we offer jacket potatoes and salads both with a choice of nutritious fillings. We ensure that no child goes hungry.

  • How do we know the food coming into the kitchen is of a good quality?

    As a relatively small company, we are able to try new products easily and work with local and national suppliers to source wholesome fresh ingredients.

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