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Principals by CH&CO gets behind Buster’s Bake Off!

Posted on: July 29th, 2019 by chandco

We want all children to enjoy the fun that can be had in the kitchen and learn important life skills along the way. That’s why we’re sponsoring the Buster’s Bake Off 2019 competition.

Inspired by the phenomenal success of The Great British Bake Off, Buster’s Bake Off encourages children to discover the joy of baking whilst raising money for important road safety and literacy work with schools.

Buster’s Bake Off is organised by the children’s educational charity Inspire Schools, which operates in Kent as the KM Charity Team. The sponsored competition challenges primary and secondary school children from London, Kent and Sussex to showcase their baking skills, creating sweet and savoury sensations and helping to raise funds for the charity’s Walk on Wednesday initiative and Buster’s Book Club.

Schools have already held their sponsored Buster’s Bake Off heats and children across the region are preparing for the final in September.

Our sales director, Peter McKenna, is on the judging panel and he’s looking forward to a grand final of taste sensations. He will be joined by Great British Bake Off star, Jane Beedle, who was a finalist in the 2016 series of the popular baking show.

Peter said: “Principals by CH&CO is really excited to be involved in Buster’s Bake Off. Eating well is an important life skill and one that every child has a right to learn. We celebrate good food and give children the opportunity and confidence to see, smell, taste, feel and get hands on with different ingredients. Buster’s Bake Off epitomises this!”

“It’s massively important to get children engaged with food, get them into the kitchen, and get them experimenting with food with their families. It’s great that so many schools have got involved with the baking and also raised money for road safety and literacy initiatives – all of which give children a great head start in life. I’m looking forward to the final and being able to taste everything that’s been made. The big event coincides with the 2019 series of The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4, so we’re fully expecting baking fever to take hold!”

Entrants are required to create a sweet or savoury bake that uses a maximum of ten ingredients and can be made in a 90-minutes or less.

Best of luck to all the finalists!

Future Foodies

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by chandco

Future Foodies is our initiative to engage children in both primary and secondary schools in everything food; from where it comes from to how it’s cooked and how we write our menus. As part of this we’re running a classroom chefs programme where exciting menus from family, friends, the Sunday roast table or favourite holidays are submitted to our chef team. The very best dishes will make it onto our menus and children can win a meal of their choice for their entire class.

Watch this space for our Future Foodies cookbook!

Principals feeds bodies and minds with a simple and exciting approach

Posted on: September 14th, 2016 by chandco

At Principals we are committed to teaching children where their food comes from, bringing our farmers and growers into schools to meet their customers. We also support our primary schools with vegetable plots, growing kits and even hen houses with chickens!

We have now designed a virtual farm trip for older children, complete with farming tales, the  journey from pasture to plate, and real time webcam streams direct from the fields. This will be on tablet computers in dining rooms so that children can follow the story of their food and  really understand what goes into making their lunch.

We’re also teaching this age group how to feed the family on a budget and giving them tips on reducing food waste; composting kitchen leftovers for vegetable growing. We will soon have a harvest of red onions, garlic, potatoes, mint and coriander and the next challenge will be for the students to compose a menu using only these items plus three secret ingredients, so watch this space!

Principals sets up school of excellence at Hoo Academy

Posted on: September 1st, 2016 by chandco

We are setting the benchmark for other academies and secondary schools by creating a school of excellence, the first of which is in Hoo Academy in Kent.

Using skills honed in the world of business catering, we are bringing a new approach to school food, introducing on-trend ideas coupled with a contemporary look and feel for menus, point of sale, marketing and promotions so that pupils have a cool and exciting restaurant they can really call their own.

Our show stopping Urban Flavours street food bars bring the high street to the school yard, serving Moroccan sliders, folded calzone, peri peri chicken, authentic curries and hot wraps. Our Classic counter is more traditional, with Yard burgers and midweek roasts, noodles and stir fries, a hot deli, sweet treats and salads.

The first of many, this school of excellence represents our forward thinking outlook: constantly challenging ourselves, adapting to change and bringing verve and enthusiasm to everything we do.

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