Principals sets up school of excellence at Hoo Academy

Principals sets up school of excellence at Hoo Academy

We are setting the benchmark for other academies and secondary schools by creating a school of excellence, the first of which is in Hoo Academy in Kent.

Using skills honed in the world of business catering, we are bringing a new approach to school food, introducing on-trend ideas coupled with a contemporary look and feel for menus, point of sale, marketing and promotions so that pupils have a cool and exciting restaurant they can really call their own.

Our show stopping Urban Flavours street food bars bring the high street to the school yard, serving Moroccan sliders, folded calzone, peri peri chicken, authentic curries and hot wraps. Our Classic counter is more traditional, with Yard burgers and midweek roasts, noodles and stir fries, a hot deli, sweet treats and salads.

The first of many, this school of excellence represents our forward thinking outlook: constantly challenging ourselves, adapting to change and bringing verve and enthusiasm to everything we do.

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